Publications 2023

Article (Scientific journals)
Repair of parastomal hernia after Bricker procedure: retrospective consecutive experience of a tertiary center.
Goffioul, L; ZJUKOVITSJ, Daniel ; Moïse, Martin et al.
2023In Hernia
Article (Scientific journals)
Transcatheter valvular interventions 2022: insights from the National Societies of Cardiology Journals of the European Society of Cardiology.
Monsuez, Jean-Jacques; Gatzov, Plamen; Alfonso, Fernando et al.
2023In European Heart Journal
Article (Scientific journals)
Leading trends in pacemaker implantation after aortic valve replacement in Italy.
Lempereur, Mathieu ; Nguyen Trung, Mai-Linh ; PETITJEAN, Hélène et al.
2023In Acta Cardiologica, p. 1-2
Article (Scientific journals)
Efficacy and User Experience of a Novel X-Ray Shield on Operator Radiation Exposure During Cardiac Catheterization: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
DAVIDSEN, Cédric ; Ytre-Hauge, Kristian; Samnøy, Andreas Tefre et al.
2023In Circulation. Cardiovascular Interventions, 16 (12), p. 013199
Article (Scientific journals)
Standardized 4-point scoring scale of [18F]-FDG PET/CT imaging helps in the diagnosis of renal and hepatic cyst infections in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease: a validation cohort.
Demuynck, Selina; Lovinfosse, Pierre ; Seidel, Laurence et al.
2023In Clinical Kidney Journal, 16 (12), p. 2542 - 2548
Article (Scientific journals)
Sténose aortique : nouveautés thérapeutiques et diagnostiques.
Hanoul, Chloé ; de Marneffe, Nils ; Dulgheru, Raluca Elena et al.
2023In Revue Médicale de Liège, 78 (12), p. 689-694
Article (Scientific journals)
A journey in structural heart failure.
Lancellotti, Patrizio
2023In Acta Cardiologica, 78 (10), p. 1065-1067
Article (Scientific journals)
Cardio-oncologie et cardio-obstétrique : importance d’une approche multidisciplinaire.
PETITJEAN, Hélène ; de Marneffe, Nils ; Nguyen Trung, Mai-Linh et al.
2023In Revue Médicale de Liège, 78 (12), p. 695-702
Article (Scientific journals)
Uromodulin Processing in DNAJB11-kidney Disease.
Mariniello, Marta; Schiano, Guglielmo; Yoshifuji, Ayumi et al.
2023In Kidney International
Article (Scientific journals)
Genetic diversity of Echinococcus multilocularis specimens isolated from Belgian patients with alveolar echinococcosis using EmsB microsatellites analysis.
Sacheli, Rosalie ; Knapp, Jenny; PHOLIEN, Caroline et al.
2023In Infection, Genetics and Evolution: Journal of Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics of Infectious Diseases, 116, p. 105531
Article (Scientific journals)
ERS: A simple scoring system to predict early recurrence after surgical resection for hepatocellular carcinoma.
Costentin, Charlotte; Audureau, Etienne; Park, Young Nyun et al.
2023In Liver International, 43 (11), p. 2538-2547
Article (Scientific journals)
Is transcatheter aortic valve implantation for aortic stenosis cost-effective?
Lancellotti, Patrizio ; Fattouch, Khalil; Modine, Thomas
2023In Acta Cardiologica, p. 1-3
Article (Scientific journals)
Nouvelles recommandations pour le diagnostic et la prise en charge thérapeutique de la cardiomyopathie hypertrophique.
Lancellotti, Patrizio ; MASSON, Amaury ; DAMAS, François et al.
2023In Revue Médicale de Liège, 78 (11), p. 619-625
Article (Scientific journals)
New approaches to cardiovascular diseases.
Lancellotti, Patrizio ; Nchimi, Alain
2023In Acta Cardiologica, 78 (9), p. 977-979
Article (Scientific journals)
Vaccination antipneumococcique dans les groupes à risque avec comorbidités : recommandations du Conseil Supérieur de la Santé et critères de remboursement.
Scheen, André ; Louis, Renaud ; Lancellotti, Patrizio et al.
2023In Revue Médicale de Liège, 78 (11), p. 665 - 673
Article (Scientific journals)
Multi-modality imaging in aortic stenosis: an EACVI clinical consensus document.
Dweck, Marc R; Loganath, Krithika; Bing, Rong et al.
2023In European Heart Journal. Cardiovascular Imaging, 24 (11), p. 1430-1443
Article (Scientific journals)
Mild Cardiotoxicity and Continued Trastuzumab Treatment in the Context of HER2-Positive Breast Cancer.
DE LA BRASSINNE BONARDEAUX, Orianne ; Born, Benjamin; Moonen, Marie et al.
2023In Journal of Clinical Medicine, 12 (21)
Article (Scientific journals)
Dietary supplementation of cystinotic mice by lysine inhibits the megalin pathway and decreases kidney cystine content.
Rega, L R; Janssens, V; Graversen, J H et al.
2023In Scientific Reports, 13 (1), p. 17276
Article (Scientific journals)
Les prélèvements endoscopiques de vaisseaux (artère radiale et/ou veine saphène) pour la chirurgie des pontages coronaires.
Brüls, Samuel ; DESIRON, Quentin ; Szecel, Delphine et al.
2023In Revue Médicale de Liège, 78 (10), p. 547 - 549
Article (Scientific journals)
The effect of nicorandil on cardiac function and clinical outcomes in ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction patients undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention: a randomised trial.
Gitmez, Mesut; Lancellotti, Patrizio
2023In Acta Cardiologica, 78 (8), p. 975-976
Paper published in a journal (Scientific congresses and symposiums)
Pinto Coelho, Tiago ; Erpicum, Pauline ; Navez, Margaux et al.
2023In Néphrologie et Thérapeutique, 19 (5), p. 370 - 463
Article (Scientific journals)
Exploring Laparoscopic Surgery Training Opportunities in the College of Surgeons of East, Central, and Southern Africa region.
Nyundo, Martin ; Umugwaneza, Nathalie; Bekele, Abebe et al.
2023In Journal of Surgical Education, (15), p. 67-72
Article (Scientific journals)
Temporal Stability of Ciliary Beating Post Nasal Brushing, Modulated by Storage Temperature.
Bricmont, Noémie ; Bonhiver, Romane ; Benchimol, Lionel et al.
2023In Diagnostics, 13 (18), p. 2974
Article (Scientific journals)
The WASE Normative data on Right Ventricular Motion Components: Where Uniformity Meets Diversity!
Lancellotti, Patrizio ; Go, Yun Yun
2023In European Heart Journal. Cardiovascular Imaging
Article (Scientific journals)
Ciliary dyskinesia in severe asthma is not affected by chronic mucus hypersecretion.
Kempeneers, Céline ; Bonhiver, Romane ; Bricmont, Noémie et al.
2023In ERJ Open Research, 9 (5)
Article (Scientific journals)
Special issue on diagnosis and management of heart failure.
Lancellotti, Patrizio
2023In Acta Cardiologica, 78 (7), p. 749-753
Article (Scientific journals)
Patient-reported outcome, perception and satisfaction after laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Kigali, Rwanda.
Nyundo, Martin ; Kayondo, King; Gasakure, Miguel et al.
2023In Surgery Open Science, 15, p. 67 - 72
Article (Scientific journals)
Vignette diagnostique de l’étudiant. Approche diagnostique de la rhabdomyolyse.
PAQUOT, Francois ; Jouret, François
2023In Revue Médicale de Liège, 78 (9), p. 529 - 532
Article (Scientific journals)
TAVI after More Than 20 Years.
Postolache, Adriana ; Sperlongano, Simona; Lancellotti, Patrizio
2023In Journal of Clinical Medicine, 12 (17)
Article (Scientific journals)
Targeted deletion of von-Hippel-Lindau in the proximal tubule conditions the kidney against early diabetic kidney disease.
Kunke, Madlen; Knöfler, Hannah; Dahlke, Eileen et al.
2023In Cell Death and Disease, 14 (8), p. 562
Article (Scientific journals)
The uptake of [18F]-fluorodeoxyglucose by the renal allograft correlates with the acute Banff scores of cortex inflammation but not with the 1-year graft outcomes
Fank, Hélène; Weekers, Laurent; Lovinfosse, Pierre et al.
2023In Frontiers in Transplantation, 2
Article (Scientific journals)
ACC/AHA and ESC/EACTS Guidelines for the Management of Valvular Heart Diseases: JACC Guideline Comparison.
Coisne, Augustin; Lancellotti, Patrizio ; Habib, Gilbert et al.
2023In Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 82 (8), p. 721-734
Article (Scientific journals)
Off-Label Use of COR-KNOT Automated Fastener for Manual Bronchial Closure Through a Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery Approach.
Durieux, Rodolphe ; Stiennon, Laurie ; Radermecker, Marc et al.
2023In Innovations: Technology and Techniques in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, p. 15569845231190633
Article (Scientific journals)
Left ventricular outflow tract velocity-time integral improves outcome prediction in patients with secondary mitral regurgitation.
Gentile, Francesco; Buoncristiani, Francesco; Sciarrone, Paolo et al.
2023In International Journal of Cardiology, p. 131272
Article (Scientific journals)
Focus on cardiac rhythm disorders.
Lancellotti, Patrizio ; Piette, Caroline
2023In Acta Cardiologica, 78 (6), p. 639-643
Article (Scientific journals)
The Effect of Elective Ligation of the Arteriovenous Fistula on Cardiac and Renal Functions in Kidney Transplant Recipients.
Masson, Grégoire; Viva, Tommaso; Huart, Justine et al.
2023In Kidney360, 4 (8), p. 1130 - 1138
Article (Scientific journals)
Successful multimodal management of a large hepatocellular carcinoma in a non-cirrhotic liver: a case report.
Bihain, Clara; Delwaide, Jean ; Meunier, Paul et al.
2023In Acta Chirurgica Belgica, p. 1 - 5
Article (Scientific journals)
Cardiac device-related infective endocarditis need for lead extraction whatever the device according to the ESC EORP EURO-ENDO registry.
Donal, Erwan; Tribouilloy, Christophe; Sadeghpour, Anita et al.
2023In European Heart Journal Open, 3 (4), p. 064
Article (Scientific journals)
«Dysphagia lusoria» traitée chirurgicalement
Mawait, Natacha; Kerzmann, Arnaud ; DESIRON, Quentin et al.
2023In Revue Médicale de Liège, 78 (7-8), p. 411-414
Article (Scientific journals)
A late diagnosis of vascular ring: right-sided aortic arch with Kommerell diverticulum and aberrant left subclavian artery in an adolescent.
Questiaux, Jean-François; Farhat, Nesrine ; Kempeneers, Céline et al.
2023In Acta Cardiologica, 78 (4), p. 474-475
Article (Scientific journals)
Novel USP9X Mutation in A Lebanese Patient with Delay and Microcephaly: Case Report and Review of Literature
Ghostine, Pierre; Seghaye, Marie-Christine ; Romanos, Bassam et al.
2023In SVOA Paediatrics, 2 (3), p. 63-67
Article (Scientific journals)
Three-dimensional transoesophageal echocardiography: how to use and when to use-a clinical consensus statement from the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging of the European Society of Cardiology.
Faletra, Francesco F; Agricola, Eustachio; Flachskampf, Frank A et al.
2023In European Heart Journal. Cardiovascular Imaging
Paper published in a journal (Scientific congresses and symposiums)
Pinto Coelho, Tiago ; Erpicum, Pauline ; Navez, Margaux et al.
2023In Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, 38 (Supplement 1), p. 913
Article (Scientific journals)
Catamenial pneumothorax, a commonly misdiagnosed thoracic condition: case report.
Stiennon, Laurie ; Tchana-Sato, Vincent ; LAVIGNE, Jean-Paul et al.
2023In Acta Chirurgica Belgica, 123 (3), p. 305 - 308
Article (Scientific journals)
Serum Acylcarnitines Profile in Critically Ill Survivors According to Illness Severity and ICU Length of Stay: An Observational Study
Rousseau, Anne-Françoise ; Dongier, Alice; COLSON, Camille et al.
2023In Nutrients, 15 (10), p. 2392
Article (Scientific journals)
Alteration of Blood Oxidative Stress Status in Patients with Thoracic Aortic Dissection: A Pilot Study
Pincemail, Joël; Tchana-Sato, Vincent; Courtois, Audrey et al.
2023In Antioxidants, 12 (5), p. 1106
Article (Scientific journals)
Bioactive surface coating for preventing mechanical heart valve thrombosis.
Lancellotti, Patrizio ; Aqil, Abdelhafid ; MUSUMECI, Lucia et al.
2023In Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis
Article (Scientific journals)
A Clinically Selected Staphylococcus aureus clpP Mutant Survives Daptomycin Treatment by Reducing Binding of the Antibiotic and Adapting a Rod-Shaped Morphology.
Xu, Lijuan; Henriksen, Camilla; Mebus, Viktor et al.
2023In Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, p. 0032823
Article (Scientific journals)
Constrictive pericarditis following cardiac transplantation: a report of two cases and a literature review.
Tchana-Sato, Vincent ; Ancion, Arnaud ; Ansart, Francois et al.
2023In Acta Cardiologica, p. 1 - 10
Article (Scientific journals)
Growing up with Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: An Arduous Journey.
DUTILLEUX, Tanguy ; Farhat, Nesrine ; Heying, Ruth et al.
2023In Pediatric Reports, 15 (2), p. 301-310